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Our team of crypto experts will help you understand and navigate the complexities of crypto and blockchain technology, allowing you to provide services to your clients with confidence.

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Crypto can be complex. Don’t navigate it alone.

Advising, auditing and accounting for the activities of clients who are transacting on decentralised protocols or engaging in other crypto related activities can be difficult and this problem is only amplified if you have a limited understanding of the underlying technology itself. Decentralised protocols give rise to many novel scenarios that do not occur in traditional finance or markets which can result in complex crypto accounting, tax, and legal issues.

Our team of Australian crypto tax specialists provide bespoke advisory services to other professionals that are seeking clarification and understanding of crypto related activities. These services can be delivered in various forms ranging from phone/email correspondence to detailed written advice.

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Our team’s achievements have been recognised by leafing publications . Enquire today to see how we can help you unchain your enterprise from accounting and tax worries.

Making crypto tax simple for thousands of Aussies.

We are a specialist crypto accounting firm providing crypto tax and accounting services to clients who are active in the cryptocurrency and Web3 space. Whether it’s DeFi, DAOs, NFTs or anything in between, our specialist crypto accountants speak your language and will worth with you to sort out your crypto tax and accounting requirements.

Sophisticated understanding of blockchain technology.

Our expert understanding of how crypto works allows us to deliver niche services that few accountants can.


audit record.

Our work is industry-leading. We ensure you meet your crypto tax requirements with accuracy and confidence.

We’re crypto investors,
just like you.

Our team is comprised of crypto enthusiasts who are active investors and contributors to the wider crypto community.

Specialising in high-volume transactions.

Our team is fully equipped with the tools, knowledge, and accreditations to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Qualified, accredited,
& experienced.

Our team of Chartered Accountants have a professional foundation in tax and a rich history of work in the crypto space.

Prioritising open


We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients founded on effective and open communication.

Let’s solve your
crypto challenge.

Operating a business in a new industry often makes obtaining the right advice challenging, especially when the majority of existing professionals do not understand the crypto ecosystem and its technology. Our team is here to support your investment

What it’s like to work with 
our crypto accountants.

Our relationships with our clients go beyond the services we provide. We believe that crypto thrives on community and we aim to develop a network of likeminded individuals home to enriching conversations fuelled by innovations occurring on-chain.

As an accountant with limited understanding of cryptocurrency, outsourcing my crypto accounting work to Tax On Chain has been a lifesaver. Their team’s professionalism and proficiency have turned a potential weakness into one of my firm’s strengths. The efficiency and accuracy with which they handle my clients’ crypto investments are simply outstanding. Tax On Chain is more than just a service provider; they are a pivotal partner in navigating the complexities of crypto accounting and taxation.

The team at Tax On Chain are my go-to trusted advisors for all things accountancy. Their expertise in cryptocurrency gives me the extra peace of mind for accurate and commercially sound financial reports, tax returns and general advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with other accountants and professionals who are unsure how to deal with their client’s crypto transactions and want to outsource this work to us.

Yes, we are happy to provide a “white label” solution to your client’s crypto reporting and can incorporate your own branding and disclaimers into the reports.

Yes, our range of services extends to include asset valuation, forensic accounting, and expert witness services, particularly in the context of family law cases. Whether it involves assessing the value of assets in dispute, investigating financial irregularities, or offering expert testimony, we are equipped to provide comprehensive support to clients navigating complex family law matters. Our team's expertise and dedication ensure a thorough and objective analysis, assisting clients in achieving equitable resolutions.

Yes, we provide bespoke advisory services to other professionals which is charged at standard hourly rates.

We have collaborated with CAANZ and CCH iKnow (Wolters Kluwer) in several crypto-related webinars.

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