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We specialise in virtual CFO services for DAOs and crypto native businesses. Unlock the value in your on-chain data and start making informed decisions that maximise growth and profitability.

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Classify income and expenses into appropriate categories across various data sources (wallets, exchanges, banks etc).


Preparation of monthly/ quarterly/ annual profit & loss statements and balance sheets.


Establish and manage budgets, ensuring alignment with business goals and objectives.


Interpret financial data and provide advice to guide informed decision-making, optimize financial performance and assess strategic business options.

Cash flow

Monitor and predict cash flow patterns to ensure business liquidity and guide investment decisions.


Assistance with developing KPIs that are relevant to your business and monitoring these over time.​


Identify areas of cost savings and advice on efficiency measures.


Advice pertaining to the viability of the tokenomics of your native token and its impact on financial performance.

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Operating a business in a new industry often makes obtaining the right advice challenging, especially when the majority of existing professionals do not understand the crypto ecosystem and its technology. Our passion for blockchain technology coupled with our expert understanding of accounting and tax uniquely positions us to provide advice to businesses operating in the crypto ecosystem.

Sophisticated understanding of blockchain technology.

Our expert understanding of how crypto works allows us to deliver niche services that few accountants can.


audit record.

Our work is industry-leading. We ensure you meet your crypto tax requirements with accuracy and confidence.

We’re crypto investors,
just like you.

Our team is comprised of crypto enthusiasts who are active investors and contributors to the wider crypto community.

Specialising in high-volume transactions.

Our team is fully equipped with the tools, knowledge, and accreditations to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions.

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& experienced.

Our team of Chartered Accountants have a professional foundation in tax and a rich history of work in the crypto space.

Prioritising open

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients founded on effective and open communication.

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our crypto accountants.

Our relationships with our clients go beyond the services we provide. We believe that crypto thrives on community and we aim to develop a network of likeminded individuals home to enriching conversations fuelled by innovations occurring on-chain.

Easy Crypto has been operating as a Digital Currency Exchange for over 5 years; and we know first hand that crypto Accounting can be complex and time consuming. Upon engaging with Oliver and Rafael about our business, from the start, they provided clear and easy solutions to our ongoing tax, EOFY and bookkeeping/accounting needs/advice. We would highly recommend their service to anyone looking for a one stop solution to their crypto accounting and tax needs.

I’ve been looking for an accountant that is crypto savvy as I’m sick of the confused look on my regular accountants face each year. Just got off the phone with an accountant that owns a Zed horse called “Tax Return”. Think Ive found the right guy!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We use specialised software to aggregate your on-chain data and will then classify your transactions into the appropriate revenue/expense categories so you can track your performance in a standardised financial reporting format (profit & loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow etc).

Experienced accountants possess the expertise to analyze your financial data, recognize key trends, effectively manage cash flow, and project future budgets — all essential components for optimizing performance and fostering long-term business sustainability.

Engaging an independent accounting firm like Tax On Chain enhances the credibility of the financial data you present to the market, as utilizing an in-house accountant may raise concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest. Moreover, opting for an external accountant who customizes their services to align with your specific requirements can often yield cost savings and also allows you to circumvent expenses associated with employee benefits such as sick leave, annual leave, and other employee benefits.

There are a number of reasons why financial reports should be prepared. The first is to track the performance of your business over time and to make sense of your financial data. Tracking revenue, expenses and cash flow is important for planning and forecasting purposes and can help you determine where any issues or shortfalls may arise before they become problematic. Secondly, DAOs and NFT projects have public stakeholders that have a vested interest in the performance of your operation. By embracing some of the core principles of Web3 - openness and transparency - presenting your financial position to these stakeholders and potential investors will legitimise your business and provide confidence to the broader market.

Absolutely! We can prepare financial statements tailored to your specific reporting requirements/standards, including the valuation of assets and determining the net asset value of your fund.

Costs will vary depending on the level of service you require. We work with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their needs. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements and the costs associated with delivering those services.

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